Our desire is to positively impact the familes affected by a special needs child. Our vision follows in three goals, two short term, and one long term.

  1. Our first short term goal is to raise enough funds to establish a 501c3 corporation after that we will be free to seek doners to help accomplish our second goal.  This goal has been achieved with the help of our donors.

  2. Our Second goal would be to open an Indoor Playground. Where we would open to the whole community and combine a setting for free play and a library of therapeutic teaching aids and a variety of services & information on therapies to help recover children and adults who are affected by Autism, Aspergers and other disabilities.

  3. Our long term goal; We believe that housing services of various therapies, bio-medical, daily life skills training, special dietary training, on the grounds of one facility would be a cost-effective way to meet the needs of many who are struggling for treatment and the financial means to provide for that treatment, and should be in a setting where children and parents alike are well supported.  We foresee a center located on or near a farm or wooded setting that boasts three main areas as follows below:

    1. Therapeutic Center and Learning Institution
      We believe that one large facility can house many therapeutic models and opportunities.  We aim to offer services in many areas including: play therapy, support groups, aquatic therapy , auditory integration, media therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy,therapeutic horseback riding, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and provide instruction on how to prepare allergy free foods.  We predict that, once established, we could offer job opportunities, training and education to children, Student, parents and community alike. We also believe that research should be a fundamental part of our institution, and foresee future endeavors in the research field.

    2. Farm and Animal Experiential Opportunities
      We believe that a farm or a wooded setting is a natural location and would provide countless benefits. Life skills and learning opportunities exist in the daily tasks of farming. Animals and relationships with animals are therapeutic. The great outdoors provides many prospects for therapeutic experiences and education. Learning to interact with, feed, and care for animals will be the main focus of this area, with secondary focus on organic farming and exploiting renewable energy sources on the farm.

    3. Retreat Center for Families
      We believe that families that include children with special needs should have a place to go for help, for support, for fun, or to just get away together! Throughout the year, we will offer on-site lodging for families who are attending the Therapeutic Center, or simply just provide rest and relaxation for families where they do not need to worry about thinking ahead for their special needs child. We will provide help, support, and learning opportunities in preparing meals for children on special diets. Local crafters or artisans could offer weekend workshops. Day-camp or weekend retreats could be offered for the children. The possibilities of a center such as this are endless!


Ethan Center Floor Plan Rendition

It can be a daunting task to find effectual treatment and time consuming to seek out different providers. The focus for this center is to provide intense therapy in one location.We believe the result of this will be an overall higher rate of recovery at a lower cost. The services available would also benefit people affected by many other issues as well.

Click on any of the 8 areas of the floor plan below to find out more information about the services we plan to offer.

The Ethan Floorplan Rendition
discription of gen play area discription of game room discription of party space discription of reception and security area discription of aquatic therapy discription of H-bot therapy discription of teaching kitchen